About Us

Let’s have some fun!

Happily serving our community and visitors since 2010!

Charlie D’s is a fun, family place to stop, eat, and visit–now open year-round! Enjoy our very friendly service, quality food and products, and access to everyone (endless water for pets too!). Charlie’s a motorcycle guy, so we have a designated parking area for motorcycle visitors.

    Meet the Team

    Charlie D

    One of the first people you’ll meet will probably be Charlie D(revniok) himself! Charlie grew up in Combermere and operated CO Video for 15 years. He knows a little about everything and a lot about some things! If he doesn’t know, he’s always happy to help you figure it out and always ready to help you with whatever you need.

    Bev cool Retired!

    Bev has been with us since Day 1 and has been essential in making Charlie D’s what it is today. We will miss her in so many ways and thank her GIGANTICALLY for every single one of the many, many ways she has helped to build Charlie D’s!


    Julie is usually behind the scenes, helping on the business side of things, but often appears in the store. She’s become a pretty good ice cream scooper too! If you see her stealing a kiss with Charlie, it’s okay, they’re married!

    The Crew

    Brie, Carol-Ann, Dylan, Nicole, and Shyann, are all there to make sure that you get your food, just the way you like it!