The Store

We carry a unique selection of quality products that are made locally or will help you enjoy your visit in the area.

What’s in store?

Books from Local Authors

Our community has wonderful authors including Sandra Gulland, well-known for her Josephine series and others. Robbie Anderman explores the Healing Trees. We also feature the Wild Women, Painters of the Wilderness…and more!

Yum Yarn

We carry a selection of yarns from New Zealand and from Topsy Farms on Amherst Island.

Doug DeLaMatter

Doug’s photography captures the natural and science side of our area. You’ll love his big canvases and handy cards.

Charlie D’s Hats & T-Shirts

People kept asking us to sell our embroidered hats and t-shirts, so we are!

deGroot’s Products

We carry deGroot’s high-quality honey and soothing bath and body products.

Lockdown Reminders

We are open


Please wear your mask.


The sanitizer is right inside the door.

Delivery Guys are happy to help you with delivery too.

“Just stopped on the way home from a cottage weekend. Tasty poutine. The local ice cream really satiated my ice cream craving for the day and service with a smile! Will stop again on the next cottage trip.”

Shannon Mitchell